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  • Yimam, S.M. (2019): Adaptive Approaches to Natural Language Processing in Annotation and Application. Ph.D Thesis, University of Hamburg (pdf)
  • Yimam, S.M. (2009): TETEYEQ (ተጠየቅ): AMHARIC QUESTION ANSWERING SYSTEM FOR FACTOID QUESTIONS. Master Thesis, Addis Ababa University pdf

Book Chapters

  • Biemann, C., Bontcheva, K., Eckart de Castilho, R., Gurevych, I., Yimam, S.M. (2017): Collaborative Web-based Tools for Multi-layer Text Annotation. In: N. Ide and J. Pustejovsky (Eds.): Handbook of Linguistic Annotation, Springer (preprint pdf)

Journal Publications

  • Yimam, S.M., Biemann, C., Majnaric, L., Šabanović, Š., Holzinger, A. (2016): An adaptive annotation approach for biomedical entity and relation recognition. Brain Informatics, (online first), 10.1007/s40708-016-0036-4 (pdf)

Conference Proceedings

  • Gooding, S., Kochmar, E., Yimam S. M., Biemann, C. (2021): Word Complexity is in the Eye of the Beholder. The 2021 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics - Human Language Technologies (NAACL-HLT), Mexico City, Mexico. (pdf)
  • Mathew, B., Saha, P., Yimam S. M., Biemann, C., Goyal, P., Mukherjee, A. (2021): HateXplain: A Benchmark Dataset for Explainable Hate Speech Detection. Proceedings of AAAI-21, Virtual Conference. (pdf)
  • Haase, C., Anwar, S.,Yimam S. M., Friedrich, A., Biemann, C. (2021): SCoT: Sense Clustering over Time: a tool for the analysis of lexical change. The 2021 Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics - System Demonstrations. Kyiv, Ukraine (Online) (pdf)
  • Yimam S. M., Alemayehu H. M., Ayele A. A. and Biemann C. (2020): Exploring Amharic Sentiment Analysis from Social Media Texts: Building Annotation Tools and Classification Models. The 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2020), Barcelona, Spain ( pdf ) ( poster )
  • Yimam S. M., Venkatesh, G., Lee, J. Biemann, C. (2020): Automatic Compilation of Resources for Academic Writing and Evaluating with Informal Word Identification and Paraphrasing System, The International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2020), Marseille, France. ( pdf )
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Workshop Proceedings

  • Wiedemann G, Yimam, S.M., Biemann C. (2020): UHH-LT at SemEval-2020 Task 12: Fine-Tuning of Pre-Trained Transformer Networks for Offensive Language Detection. Proceedings of The 14th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval), Barcelona, Spain. (pdf) ( poster).
  • Yimam, S.M., Ayele, A. A., Biemann C. (2019): Analysis of the Ethiopic Twitter Dataset for Abusive Speech in Amharic. In Proceedings of International Conference On Language Technologies For All: Enabling Linguistic Diversity And Multilingualism Worldwide (LT4ALL 2019). Paris, France p. 210-214 (pdf).
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  • Yimam, S.M, Biemann C.,. (2019): Current Status, Issues, and Future Directions for Ethiopian Natural Language Processing (NLP) Research. International Conference Language Technologies for All (LT4All), Paris, France (pdf)