About me

This is Seid Muhie Yimam’s (ሰይድ ሙሄ ይማም ) academic web page.

Short intro:

I am Seid, currently a Technical Lead at HCDS and Research Associate at Language Technology Group, under the supervision of Prof. Chris Biemann.

At HCDS, I will mostly work on leading and consulting research on digital humanities that involve big data processing of textual content. I will continue teaching NLP and Data science courses at HCSD while supervising students on interdisciplinary AI and data science research topics. I am currently participating in the development of a research data and knowledge management project, an intersectional project with knowledge management, AI, and library science. The project is envisioned to ingest metadata from research reports and projects automatically from diverse sources to present the outcomes using appealing visualization components.

I have been working as a postdoctoral researcher at Language Technology Group, UHH, since January 2020. I have received my Ph.D. degree from Universität Hamburg, with a specialization in the integration of adaptive machine learning models into annotation tools and NLP applications. From January 2020-March 2022, I have been working on multiple research topics including social media NLP (hate speech detection, fake news identification, and sentiment analysis) and low-resource language NLP research, mostly for the Ethiopian language of Amharic that include named entity recognition, semantic models, hate speech detection, and sentiment analysis. I have been teaching NLP courses and supervising Master’s projects and thesis in the group.